Okay, I admit it, this video series didn't start as I wanted it to but maybe I shouldn't have decided to start a cooking video series the weekend of Easter when everyone came to my house and there was no room in my fridge.

You may have read in my first post about Trisha Yearwood that I love her. As a New Yorker, seeing how she cooks these Southern-inspired foods that I've never experiences first hand makes my mouth water. I figured, what's a better way to show my appreciation for Mrs. Yearwood and teach this Northerner new cooking tricks than watch her show on Saturday mornings and recreate one of the recipes, right?

So, I grabbed my Trisha Yearwood mug that I got at the Garth/Trisha show that recently came to the Times Union Center and watched Trisha's Southern Kitchen. This week's new episode was called "Trisha's Spicy Kitchen" and out of all of the recipes, I decided to start easy with Spicy Chipotle Peanuts.

To start, do I love to cook? Sure, but I'm not in any way classically trained so what I want to show with this video is behind the cameras and guise of the Food Network. This is just me, in my kitchen, following a recipe. If I can do it, you should be able to do it as well!

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