News 10 has reported that a Tornado Watch has been issued by the National Weather Service for the Albany, New York Area on Monday, October 7, 2013.

According to here are the details: [Updated at 10:35am]

Here's the latest Storm Tracker Forecast from News 10 Meteorologist Tim Drawbridge

Tornado WATCH until 5pm...


A Tornado WATCH has been posted until 5pm for most of the News 10 / WTEN viewing area . . . why you may ask?

As we talked about earlier both on-air and on-line . . . there's a LOT of wind energy in the lowest part of the atmosphere . . . it won't take much to transfer that wind energy to the ground.

Also, something called "shear" - an indicator of rotation . . . the shear numbers are high . . . and, if we continue to see some breaks in the clouds which would allow for some additional heating, this would help to enhance the severe weather potential . . .

One of the unique things . . . there's no lightning reports via the Lightning Detection Network with the approaching line to the south & west . .




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