My friend and I love escape rooms. It's a live-action puzzle you need to solve in order to get out. If you haven't tried one, here's a few in the area to take a look at.

Tru-Escape Mystery and Escape Rooms (Rotterdam, VIAPort/Queensbury): This was one of the very first escape rooms I tried in the area and I'm obsessed. There are a bunch of room scenes to choose from and it's only $23 per person. Everything in there is fair game to move around, pick-up, and find the clues to get out!

5 Wits (Albany, Crossgates Mall): 5 Wits is a little more of a production than the other escape rooms in the area. At the moment there are three choices and you don't have as much freedom to move things around but there are a few rooms to explore and puzzles to solve. It's like walking through a movie!

Enigmatic Escapes (Troy): This is a smaller escape room but still one of my favorites in the area. They have one room and one puzzle but it's still only $29.  The room is incredibly involved and exceptionally well-done. It may be off of the beaten path but it's an amazing experience.

Escape the Mystery Room (Albany, Crossgates Mall): If you're looking for the escape rooms that have a ton of props, this isn't the one for you. This one is very paper and lock/key-based but it's still a great time.

Pursue the Clue (Albany): I'm gonna be honest, I haven't had a chance to give this one a try. Based on the pictures on their website, it looks similar to Enigmatic Escapes but I can't wait to give that one a try soon.

Are there any that I'm missing? I can't get enough of escape rooms, I want to try them all!


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