If you like a little old school like I do, then you'll love these spots to check out the latest movies.

Don't get me wrong, I love a big, loud theater just as much as the next person. Sometimes it's cool to have a throwback feel and to me, that's what these 5 theaters accomplish with ease.

  1. The Madison - Known for having popular movies that have recently been removed from the big theaters, or even better throwback titles like, "Batman," "Fight Club," among others. The theaters are small and have obviously not been updated or even repaired in some time, but that's what gives it such a fun feeling. Now also holding small local comedy shows and concerts, The Madison is located on Madison Avenue in Albany.
  2. Scotia Cinema - Simply one of my favorite places to go and check out some of the big blockbusters in the area. With an actual old theatre feel, balcony seating included. It's beautiful interior is just a bonus, the price of admission and for snacks is incredibly reasonable for an amazing date night out. You can find the Scotia Cinema off Mohawk Avenue in Scotia.
  3. Spectrum 8 - Flashy lit fluorescent sign and all your current favorite movie hits. There is something so fun to be able to park on the street and walk on up to buy your tickets leading into a friendly, cute, comfortable theater and that's what you get with Spectrum 8 located on Delaware Avenue in Albany.
  4. Malta Drive-In - An obvious flashback type atmosphere is found in a drive-in movie theater and exactly what the Malta Drive-In is all about. From the parking spots, the sound, even the throwback commercials for the snack bar, you get a great experience for the whole family. Oh and who doesn't love a double feature?! Located: Route 9 in Malta.
  5. Jericho Drive-In - Check out the description for the Malta Drive-In and duplicate it. The drive-in movie experience is everything you've ever wanted. Opening the back of the SUV, getting it comfy with blankets and popcorn and watching under the stars: amazing. Located: Jericho Road, Glenmont.

BONUS THEATER: The Palace Theatre in Albany. It doesn't happen ALL the time, but when they show some of our old favorite, classic movies it's hard not to scoop up the tickets and enjoy a beautiful cinematic adventure at one of the most priceless interiors there is in Albany.

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