I enjoy hosting Country Idol Karaoke at Vapor in Saratoga Casino and Raceway, but there are just some songs that absolutely kill the mood at a bar or night club. Below are the Top 5 Bad Country Karaoke Songs that just seem to drag on and on and lower the energy at any party. Keep in mind, that I love these songs when they come on the radio or when I'm listening at home, but there's just something about them that doesn't seem to fit a fun night out.

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    Love Can Build A Bridge

    The Judds

    5 minutes and 23 seconds doesn't seem like a long time, but when you're forced to listen to someone imitate the Judds, and it's usually quite mediocre, this seems like a half hour of bad preaching. I love the song's message, but I don't want to hear about walking across the desert to give someone my last piece of bread when I'm in a night club.

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    Reba McEntire

    I absolutely love Reba, but this 5 minute song is usually performed by someone you'd never want to see in a red dress. Even if the performance is good, hearing about a prostitute who turned her life around is amusing, but the story just takes too long when you're sipping a Bud Light and ready to get back on the dance floor. Unless it's performed by a drag queen, 'Fancy' is a dud at karaoke night.

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    Live Like You Were Dying

    Tim McGraw

    This is an awesome song with lyrics to live by, but do you really want to hear about some guy's x-ray results when you're out munching on chicken wings and sharing fun stories with friends? Not to mention, the extra long note at the end of the song is usually butchered. Again, clocking in close to 5 minutes, it's another song that doesn't quite belong at a party.

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    I Hope You Dance

    Lee Ann Womack

    Here's another great song, with wonderful lyrics. However, all it takes is one wrong note, and you're stuck listening to nails on a chalk board for another 5 minutes. By the time the chorus comes around most people in the bar were wishing they were dancing rather than listening to someone struggling to hold the note on 'daaaaaaaaaaance,' while the muffled karaoke track background singers are doing the 'wheel in constant motion' line. It usually doesn't mix well, and really brings the mood down.

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    Even if the singer sounds just like Jennifer Nettles, this song is a guaranteed night club killer! Backed by a very simple acoustic guitar, once this song starts the energy level is instantly gone. Then, the lyrics of this slow country cheating song fill the room with depression as the female singer pleads and begs on stage sharing her drama. Once again, another track close to 5 minutes that just seems to go on and on. A good song if you're on stage in concert, but just not a good song for a bar full of people looking to have a good time.


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