Joe Diffie was one of Country Music's most consistent hitmakers in the 1990's. The honky tonk traditionalist was a major influence on the fans of the day, as heard in Jason Aldean's current tribute '1994.' After the release of Aldean's hit, more and more people have been discovering the music of Joe Diffie. As we prepare to welcome Diffie to WGNA's Countryfest 2013 on July 13, we've compiled a list of our favorite Joe Diffie songs.

Is your favorite on the list? Joe Diffie has had so many hits, that there's a good chance yours may not have made the list. If your favorite title is missing, please leave your picks in the comment section below and enjoy the memories. Honorable mention goes out to the holiday favorite 'Leroy, The Redneck Reindeer.'

  • 10

    So Help Me Girl

  • 9

    Bigger Than The Beatles

  • 8

    Honky Tonk Attitude

  • 7

    Third Rock From The Sun

  • 6


  • 5

    If The Devil Danced In Empty Pockets

  • 4

    Prop Me Up (Beside The Jukebox)

  • 3

    Pick Up Man

  • 2

    John Deere Green

  • 1

    Ships That Don't Come In