Earlier today on Twitter I saw a trending hashtag #10FavoriteAlbums and it got me thinking of some of my favorite country albums I have in my vast collection of CD's. Basically any album I can listen the whole way through without skipping any songs deserves to be on my list so here it is for you!

I became a fan of these guys before this album even came out when they played a show at Northern Lights. Once the album was released, I was hooked. These guys are so different and unique. They have some songs that are pure country and then mix it up with some rock and rap in others. Great Stuff.

I always liked Gary's music in the few albums leading up to this one. But this one seemed alot different than the rest. Gary has a sound like no other country act out there.

I grew up with country music in my household as a child, but I rebeled as I got older listening to alot of Hard Rock. Trisha is one of the reasons I started to listen to country again in the 90's.

Every single track on this 2-Disc set is absolutely unbelieveable. It's good ol' fashioned country music. An truly incredible album.

One of my new favorites. This guy can tug at your heartstrings with his tender ballads and totally rock your face off with tunes like "Kick It In The Sticks".

Another reason I started to listen to country again in the 90's. I think Garth turned alot of people into country fans back then. So many great hits off this disc, including one of my all time faves "Shameless".

Another one of my newer favorites, this album has so many great tunes. He could have released most of these songs as singles and they would have gone straight to the top of the charts.

There's not much I have to say about this album. It has the song "Springsteen". 'Nuff said.

Lonestar had alot of their success later in their career when they changed their style and had hits like "Amazed" and "I'm Already There". I was more of a fan of this album. It had alot more rockin' country tunes that I really enjoy!

First time I heard "Hillbilly Shoes", I became a fan of these guys. This album is great, a perfect mix of country and southern rock.

Everybody has their own opinion, so what's yours? What are some of your favorite country albums?

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