If you love "Indiana Jones" like I do you probably couldn't imagine anyone but Harrison Ford playing Indy, but the role was originally offered to Tom Selleck. Luckily for Ford fans like me Selleck was busy with 'Magnum P.I.".

That's not the only one either. Tom Cruise was reportedly in talks to take  the lead role in 'Titantic' but as we all know Leonardo Dicaprio ended up in the role.

The studio tried to pressure director Francis Ford Coppola into casting the Robert Redford as Michael Corleone in "The Godfather".  He went with Al Pacino.Good call Coppola!
"Batman Begins" director Christopher Nolan was torn between Christian Bale and Jake Gyllenhall.  As we know Bale became "The Dark Knight".

Kids everywhere almost got a very different "Buzz Lightyear". Pixar originally wanted Billy Crystal. Thankfully he passed and Tim Allen became Buzz. Billy Crystal went on to work with Pixar as "Mikey" in "Monster's Inc". So everybody won!


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