There are some pretty interesting movies coming out this weekend, including a sci-fi film that 35 years after the original is making waves with critics and audiences alike! If you need help deciding which one to see, Lights Camera Jackson can help you out with that.

It's been 35 years since the sci-fi classic Blade Runner stunned audiences with it's action packed, fast paced thriller of classic directed by Ridley Scott.  It's back this weekend and Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford lead a star studded cast in Blade Runner 2049 that critics are fawning over and audiences can't wait to see.  What did Jackson think? Find out below in the video.  LCJ also talks about a PG rated My Little Pony movie that apparently isn't all rainbows and sunshine.  We also discuss the hiked monthly rate imposed by Netflix that conveniently comes at the time of the return of the smash hit Stranger Things.




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