Whenever there's a big movie opening, we only turn to one person, Lights Camera Jackson. This week, he saw The Mummy and Megan Leavey, he gave us an interesting fact about Wonder Woman and quickly talks the Tony Awards.

Jackson had a chance to see The Mummy this week, starring Tom Cruise, the movie is about Nick Morton (Cruise) and his team who find the tomb of an ancient Egyptian Princess. The team brings the tomb onto their flight home and soon realizes that it was a terrible decision.

Next, Jackson saw Megan Leavey, a based-on true story of Marine Cpl. Megan Leavey, played by Kate Mara, and her assignment to clean up the K-9 Unit at Camp Pendleton. Cpl. Leavey identifies in particular with a dog named Rex, this movie is the story of their journey on more than 100 missions together.

Last, there's also an amazing fact about Gal Gadot, star of Wonder Woman, about what she was experiencing during recuts and a quick run down of how movies and the Tony Awards cross this year.

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