It’s here! The Kentucky Derby!! The start of the Triple Crown.  Will it happen this year?  Will one of the 20 Derby horses win today, at the Preakness and at the Belmont?  That, we will have to wait and see.  But let’s focus on the Derby. 

I love horse racing.  I love betting on the race.  Now, I will admit I don’t win EVERY race, but I will let you in on a little secret weapon I use when making my bets! 

As I usually do when I go to Saratoga in August, I have asked my Father in law Stan to help me with my picks for the big race.  Now, Stan is not a paid handicapper, but he and his brothers can pick winners like no others.  This is a family of horse racing gamblers that will let nothing come between them and the big race.  Here are a few short examples.  Last summer, we were at a family wedding and I actually had to download the app to watch the race live for these guys!  The wedding was put on hold to watch the race! 

Thirty nine years ago, Stan agreed to get married on Kentucky Derby day!  They planned the wedding at 11 am and their honeymoon flight at 6 so they could listen to the race on the radio on the way to the airport!  That particular race was the race Secretariat won and Stan points out “yup, Uncle Tom (his brother) had him to win”.  Happy Anniversary!!

So, you can see why I trust his picks.  So, I thought I would share his insights with you.  I should also point out; Stan is not a fan of “favorites” or “Chalk”.  He bets to make money, so he picks the longshots!  “I’ve got to have value” he says when he’s betting!  So for the Derby tomorrow his likes:

18 – Sabrecat, 16 – El Padrino and 8 – Creative Cause.  These horses are “closers”, so they will come from the back of the pack to hopefully win the race.  “There is so much early speed in this race, I’m picking a horse that has shown the ability to come from behind and win”.  I asked him if he would pair any of these picks with the favorite, and he told me no! 

So, there you have it…That’s how Stan sees it.  Will he win, who knows but he adds “It’s only one race, if you don’t win, bet the next one”. 

So today, I will make my bets, work a little then relax with the traditional Kentucky Derby Mint Julep, cheer on the longshots and hope to make some money!  Good luck everyone!  Let me know your picks too, maybe you will convince me to bet your horse!  Oh boy, I hope too many people don’t bet these horses now…I like the high odds!