The poor IT worker from Albany who didn't cough up the dollar lost out on his share of one of the biggest lottery payouts in history.  He's getting skewered in the news.  I feel bad for the guy.  Don't you? Here's just one of the stories courtesy of ABC

Mega Millions Jackpot Reaches $262 Million

I was imagining this morning, if this poor guy could break into song, what it would sound like.  So I pretended to "channel" this poor unfortunate guy and do his "venting" for him.  I will share it here-

So to wrap this up, although I kid, I feel for the guy and hope that he's taking it well.  If anyone knows him, we'd love to have him on the air.  We'll take any of the winners too.  Just facebook us, comment here, or email richie@wgna.      Thanks, and good luck to all.   And regards to Yolannnnda Vega!

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