Last week I was talking to one of the "youngins" here at the radio ranch and he had never heard of Steve Martin's song, "King Tut". After telling him all about it and singing it for him I got the idea to do "Throwback Thursday" and get a little nostalgic with some of my favorite memories growing up. Today I asked Jeff Levack which direction I should go with my throwback this week and he suggested, FOOTBALL.

YouTube Image, Randall
YouTube Image, Randall

Well it is that time of year and the choice of memory was easy. Randall Cunningham was in my mind the most exciting quarterback to ever play the game. If you remember watching him than you know what I'm talking about and you will love reliving some of his better moments, if you are too young to have seen him play boy are you in for a treat!

Randall was the quarterback that paved the way for QB's like Michael Vick, Cam Newton, Robert Griffin III and even Steve Young. He was the first and I still think the best because he was the MOST elusive quarterback in the pocket, ever. When flushed from the pocket he could and usually did run for a ton of yards and made it look easy, and if you let him have time to throw deep down field, he had the strength and accuracy to make your jaw drop.

So I looked around the "YouTube" and tried to find just the right video that would both entertain and give you an idea of just how amazing "the ultimate weapon" was and I think I found a pretty good one. The highlights are just a few of many and I can remember some other pretty big ones that didn't even make it on, like the 99 yard punt he kicked in one game. (Yep, he even kicked better than everyone else)

With all that said, enjoy watching this Eagle fly!

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