The winter is depressing, lets be serious about that. For months and months and months, it's just cold and gloomy and blah. I need sunshine to smile and feel good. Anyone does, really. So, I'm so very glad that it's been better and better as the days go on.

There are plenty of things to look forward to but my favorite of all is softball season.

Marissa's Injury

Since I was the tender age of 6 years-old it has been my absolute favorite experience. Well, it has come with it's downfalls; coaches having their favorites in high school and the bench being my best friend or that time last season I'm 95% sure I dislocated my thumb and popped it back in place in the split second it all happened...and then kept playing the game. But, the majority of my memories of the game are some of my favorite.

There is something about being a part of a team, being able to look forward to, in the case of now that one day a week where we all get together and run around like we're all kids again. That feeling of letting out some much needed energy and really getting in a good work out.

Team Mohawk Honda, courtesy of Marissa

Some people play but don't really "workout," where as I never stop moving. Not even for a moment. I get to second base and I'm ready for that ball to get hit in my direction. If I'm up to bat, I'm ready to put all of my weight into it and knock it to the far right field corner (I bat lefty, I throw righty...I'm a weirdo.)

Bill and Marissa MVPs Credit: Marissa

There is truly nothing else like it for me.

What's your favorite part of spring?

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