After being canceled a few times during the pandemic, the yearly New York Regents Exams returned last year to test students in English and math.

And as you would expect, several Capital Region schools performed EXCELLENTLY, landing at #1 in several subject categories on a list of more than 500 New York school districts based on scores attained on the standardized test.

According to New York Upstate, the tests measure student proficiency in English/language arts, algebra I and II, and geometry. Proficiency is based on students that score a 3 or above, and several local school districts hit 100 percent proficiency in the subject areas tested! The great news is statewide, a very long list of school districts hit 90 percent proficiency or above. 

These Capital Region Schools Are #1 In NY According Standardized Test

One thing the Capital Region is known for and one of the great benefits of raising children here is our local school systems are consistently great across all municipalities. The yearly Regents Exam is a standardized test that tests proficiency in areas like English and math. As you would expect some Capital Region school districts are among the cream of the crop in the state of New York with several area districts hitting 100& proficiency in the subjects test. Here are the schools that hit that marking, ranking #1 statewide.

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