I am pretty sure that I don't have to give anyone a reason to be excited about the grand opening of Hooters Albany Friday, June 17 on Wolf Road in Colonie. I actually have never seen this much anticipation for a grand opening in a long time. In fact when word first got out about the return of Hooters to the capital district someone here wrote a blog about it , and it got over 1500 "hits". So yeah people are happy they are back, and that got me thinking if so many people love Hooters, why did they close in the first place. So I asked around and primarily most people agreed the old location, in the Crossgates Mall was one of the reasons. The other reason, probably more so, is people didnt think that many (not all) of the wait staff at the former location were that attractive. And who are we kidding, when we go to Hooters for wings and beer with out buddies, we have an expectation, fair or not, of what the waitresses will look like.

So I have for you my friends done a little research. I got the idea to check out the "talent" at our new eatery because of a picture that was sent to me of the Hooters Girl that will be coming in to talk about the grand opening on our show tomorrow. The first thing I thought when i saw the picture was, " Wow, I don't remember that being what I would usually see at our former Hooters." I should however let you be the judge as I have posted the picture of Tia for you to look at.

Now, to be fair, Tia actually works at one of the other Hooters in Massachusetts , but being that it is the same owner, I got to wondering if she is an exception or more typical of what you can expect from the new Hooters in Albany. So I "friended"  as many of the new hires that I could find on Facebook to get an idea of the level of "talent" we are dealing with. (The things I do for

you my friends, I should get a medal.) And while I certainly did not get them all, I think I can say without fear of contradiction that you will not be disappointed with the service at this restaurant.  The ones that i did see looked very intelligent sweet and friendly. Much like out new friend Tia.

I also wanted to research the food a little bit. The running joke with Hooters as you know is , I only really go there because I love their wings. SO I asked my Facebook friends, "Are the wings at Hooters really THAT good?"  What I learned from both the men and women that responded is yes, they really do love the wings. I was also surprised to learn that Hooters is also quite famous for other culinary gems such as deep fried pickles and grilled cheese. More than a couple people said its the best grilled cheese sandwich you will ever have.

Now, I titled this blog, "More than 2 good reasons to go to the new Hooters of Albany" and I believe I have now given you two good solid reasons, an attractive and competent wait staff, and quality food. So I need a third, and while there are actually many that I could give you, I will go with my most honest. Before they have even opened their doors in the Capital Region the owner has already established that he wants to have a great relationship with the  number one radio station, WGNA. I am pleased to have them partner with us on a promotional level and even more so pleased that they are a new major sponsor for the "Sean and Richie Golf Tournament" which as you know benefits "Pennies from Heaven", (this link is a MUST click if you do not know how "Pennies"got started), a charity to benefit kids right here in the Capital Region. So there it is, good staff, good food, good hearts. Good times.

Now if I can get them to reserve a special table just for me, I'll be good to go.

God Bless.