COVID has affected a lot of events in and around the Capital Region. But there are two in Glens Falls that were supposed to be held this fall and have been rescheduled not just because of COVID but other factors as well. Now, these two events will be held in 2022.

Glens Falls' Wing Fest is one of their biggest draws and it had to be moved back until next spring. It was canceled due to COVID but it would have been hard to plan and execute this year because of the increase in the cost of chicken wings. Organizers felt it would have been difficult to have enough chicken wings for the event. Glens Falls' Wing Fest will now be held in April of 2022 according to News 10 ABC.

Glens Falls' Wing Fest is a great event for local restaurants and vendors who battle it out for the best in wings on the streets of Glens Falls. There are several award and bragging rights given out.

I can't wait until events like these can come back in full force. These are the types of events that are great for cities like Glens Falls. They bring the community together and bring in outsiders who may normally not take a trip to Glens Falls otherwise. Plus the K9 demonstration is an awesome way to make the community aware of how police work with canines in their community.

These events are organized by a group of business leaders and owners that collaborate and brainstorm ideas to bring more business to Glens Falls. They are called the Glens Falls Collaborative.

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