Today on the morning show we talked about what shows might be coming back to TV and what shows you would like to see make another run with a re-boot. I have to say that "Prison Break" seemed to have the most interest and apparently there is plenty of interest at the FOX Network as well, though there are currently no plans in the works. Networks executives said they would have a great interest in bringing back the show if their old partners also wanted to bring it back.

The FOX network is also thinking of a re-boot to the hit "24" however this time it would NOT star Kiefer Sutherland. (I have to admit , I'm not sure how that would do)

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A very popular show from FOX that seems to be on a fast track to return is "The X-Files" with former stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. The only roadblock at the moment is the stars and it's creator Chris Cater having the free time to commit.


Another show that you will be seeing come back is NBC'S "Heroes". This installment would star Zachary Levi, who starred on "Chuck" and would be called "Heroes Reborn" Look for it as early as this summer.

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I think my favorite caller today was a guy who said he'd love to see a new version of "Greatest American Hero" I could not agree more. I so loved the concept of that show and think if casted well, it could be a huge hit. That indeed begs the question though, who would you cat in the lead role?

I do think it would also make a great movie and I'm not sure why but I feel that actor comedian Kevin Hart would be amazing in the lead. What do you think?