Sometimes driving can be just the absolute worst. I asked you to tell me the top worst roads in the Capital Region and you did not hold back!

You have your reasons for a road to be deemed the worst in the Capital Region. Maybe it has the worst rush hour, maybe during this season it's never plowed, maybe it's your road and you hate your neighbors- any of those reasons count! I asked you on Facebook to tell me what the worst road is in the Capital Region and you did not disappoint. Is there a road you hate but didn't make the list? Feel free to comment here or on Facebook!

According to you:

  • The off-ramp from Rt. 7 eastbound, merging with 787 southbound
  • I-88 west towards Oneonta
  • Central Ave (no specific spot, literally the whole road)
  • Hoosick Street, Troy
  • On-ramp to Dunn Memorial Bridge
  • Thruway between 25 and 24 eastbound
  • 87N between exit 4 and 8
  • 787 north exit to Rt 7 east
  • Route 22
  • I-90 west
  • Route 76, Stillwater
  • Saratoga Street, Cohoes
  • Nott Street, Schenectady
  • Wade Rd Extension, Latham

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