I don't know about you but I was outside of the radio station this afternoon and feeling the warm temperatures and said, "that's it tonight the grill is coming out"!

I saw the outlook for tonight had thundershowers in it, but my grill is on my back deck which is covered so rain will never screw up an opportunity to grill.

I am a big fan of charcoal, and think that gas grills have taken the mastery and skill out of the art of cooking meat on an open flame. I am quite gifted at the art of making homemade barbecue sauce from scratch and actually matching the ingredients to bring out the best of the meat that I have on the grill.

My  5 favorite meats to barbecue on a charcoal grill are as follows:

1. Thick cut boneless pork ribs

2. Chicken quarters with bone

3. Pork Chops

4. Steaks

5. Burgers

I did not include hot dogs on my list even though they are a family favorite. I left them out because there is no skill involved in cooking a hot dog on a grill. Watch these charcoal grill wizards and drewel along with me thanks to You Tube. This video features the Weber charcoal barbecue grill which is the exact model I use at home and wheel out to parties to wow them with my grilling.

What is your favorite meat to grill? What do you prefer to grill with, gas or charcoal? Let me know.