Have you seen the mysterious shot glass in Troy? It's been there for a very long time but no one really knows why and maybe you can help figure out the reason why.

If you visit St. Joseph's Church in Troy, you'll see on one of the stained glass windows is a shot glass. According to CBS 6, the glass is in a separate room in the main hall of the South Troy church. In the picture in the window, the shot glass is sitting on a table before Jesus and two kneeling men.

The church has been open since the 1850's as a Jesuit church until later converting to Roman Catholic. Many of the stained glass windows are some of the original Tiffany windows from the early twentieth century. The window in question is not an original and is based on a scene from the Bible. I went to Catholic school for most of my life and don't remember anyone doing shots at any point of my lessons, though.

The whole thing gets even weirder. Not only is the shot glass historically inaccurate but Sacristan Paul Coffey doesn't even recognize that scene from the Bible. He said, "They’re either errors, contradictions or our understanding needs to be expanded." They're hoping if they can find the original art this window is based on, then they'd have answers. The only problem is, they don't know what piece of art that is. They're asking that if you have any information that can help them figure out the reasoning behind Jesus' shot glass, email coffeypa1@gmail.com.

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