I'm obsessed with true crime shows and anything on that channel ID Discovery. One show that I can't seem to live without is 'Unsolved Mysteries'.

I remember as a kid, sitting with my father watching the older version starring Robert Stack and just being terrified.

Recently, they have released this nostalgia on several streaming services. Not only do they have the original version but also the reboot from a few years ago starring Dennis Farina.

Though the show features many stories from around the world, this one from Colonie New York really stood out.

Based on details from Unsolved Mysteries Wikia Page, Jake and Dora Cohn were an elderly couple living in Colonie. While Dora was on the phone. Her daughter heard screams and several gun shots. The daughter immediately called the police but Jake and Dora were pronounced dead.

The number one suspect was Jake and Dora's grandson, James Mariani.

This case went years unsolved until it was finally solved with the help of a psychic.

Psychic, Noreen Renier was hypnotized and based on her story they were able to link not only James Mariani to the case but also two of his friends as accomplices.

Do you remember this case?

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