Niche has ranked the top 100 elementary schools in the greater Albany area. See which schools landed at the top!

There is a part of me that hates rankings like this, because we all know our teachers and school administrators have some of the thoughest jobs out there when it comes to educating our kids. They should all be commended! But, it's also nice to recognize folks for a job well done, right? recently ranked the top 100 elementary schools in the Capital Region. So how how did they formulate the rankings you ask? From the Niche website, here is their methodology:

The 2017 Best Public Elementary Schools ranking is based on rigorous analysis of key statistics and millions of reviews from students and parents using data from the U.S. Department of Education. Ranking factors include state test scores, student-teacher ratio, student diversity, teacher quality, grade school ratings, and the overall quality of the school district.

So here are the schools that landed in the top 5 on the list - all of them are in the Niskayuna School District!

  1. Rosendale School
  2. Birchwood Elementary School
  3. Glencliff Elementary School
  4. Hillside Elementary School
  5. Craig Elementary School

Niskayuna schools always perform well in these types of rankings, like in Niche's recent list of the best area middle schools. Their schools have a great reputation, both locally and nationally. Bethlehem elementary schools landed at 6 - 8 on the list, and North Colonie schools were at numbers 9 and 10.

No matter how you view these rankings,  a lot of great schools and districts are on the list! Check it out!

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