When I came in to work this morning I saw this list and I was like, "Ew!  I hate competitive moms!"  But then, I started reading the list and I got a little nervous because I'm totally guilty of a lot of them!

I'm never really sure why we women type make it a competition to see who can be the best mom!  I mean I guess I feel like as long as your kids are happy, healthy and well fed, you win!

But, whether it's conscious or subconscious, we compete.  So, here are the top 20 ways moms are competitive -

1.  You line up early to get front row seats to the school play.


2.  You try to beat the other parents at family events like three-legged races.


3.  You make sure your kids have the latest gadgets.


4.  You go overboard on presents for your kids' teachers.


5.  You constantly brag about your kids on Facebook.


6.  You always drive the newest car.


7.  You call your kids' teachers by their first names, to show how well you know them.


8.  You make fancy desserts for your kid to pass out on their birthday.


9.  You make ridiculous stuff for bake sales.


10.  You spend weeks making handmade costumes for school plays.


11. Throwing amazing parties for events such as Halloween, Easter and Christmas.

12.  They raise incredible amounts of money in fundraisers.


13.  Their children take impressive things to show and tell - including impressive relatives.


14. Their children are in every club ever.


15. They quiz and drill other parents about parenting style.


16. They make the most amazing expensive party bags for favors.


17. Enrolling their kids in extracurricular classes like music or computers.


18. They are always the class helper.


19. Those who always look immaculate with well-manicured nails, a perfect mane of hair and impeccable dress sense.

20. She's for sure on the PTA.

So, are you guilty?  I'm a little bit guilty.  I won't admit to competing with other moms, but I will admit to competing with myself to be the best mom for my kids.  I want them to know that I'm there for them and providing the best for them and sometimes I feel like if I volunteer in their class or make them a costume, I'll win their hearts.  But I'll bet the truth is, they just want me to love and kiss and hug them.

Here's my kiddos a couple of years ago!