I think I write this blog every year but I know that like me, you are all waiting for that annual right of passage that is the Shamrock Shake. McDonald's announcing the annual tradition means that I can start thinking about St. Patrick's Day and if I think about St. Patrick's Day I think about warmer weather being right around the corner.

This year McDonald's has up their game with 4 new versions of the classic.

We talked about it of Friday morning and Nick took credit for "inventing" the Chocolate Shamrock Shake but according to an article on the News 10 ABC website, people have been ordering this concoction from the McDonald's "secret menu" for years.It is basically the Shamrock Shake with the bottom half being a layer of chocolate shake.

The other new editions are the Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappé, Shamrock Mocha and  a Shamrock Hot Chocolate. I MUST try the Shamrock Hot Chocolate.

According to the story, while these treats have been testing in select locations they will be available in all participating stores on Tuesday!



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