They are billing it as a "New World Record" for lip dubbing.  You know what that is, right?  That's where huge groups of folks get together and lip sync to a well known song with the results placed on YouTube for the world to guffaw at!  Well, this is pretty good, I must admit.  Not the best, but pretty good! Whoever put this together is a an organizational wizard, I have to admit.  And the video quality is great.  And the singing is amazing.  Here it is for you, folks:

How did you like it?  I consider it the second greatest attempt ever.  In case you never saw this before, here's what our staff considers the FIRST - 'cuz we here at Townsquare Media of Albany are competitive people!

Have you ever considered doing this at your place of business? It is a really fun thing to try, and a great morale booster. Try it. (and then send us the link!)