During the holidays between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, people tend to be a little more generous when it comes to making donations to charities. But what about food donations? The Regional Food Bank Of Northeastern New York can use food donations, or cash donations, any time of the year. Hunger doesn’t stop when the holidays are over.

When The Regional Food Bank receive donations, they distribute them to their member agencies which are located in 23 counties of New York State. Those agencies include food pantries, emergency shelters, programs for the disabled and several other organizations. Many of them are in the Capital Region.

The mission statement on their website states that The Regional Food Bank’s “mission is to alleviate hunger and prevent food waste”. Besides personal donations from people, much of the food they receive comes from local farmers, retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers.

Another thing that The Regional Food Bank can use is volunteers. They need people to help in their warehouse in Latham. If you'd like to volunteer, you can find out more on their website. There's also a place on their website where you can make a donation, or you can call 518-786-3691.

Mark Quandt and Bro. Lou Roberts (Photo courtesy of Heather Davis/WGNA)

You can find out more about the Regional Food Bank on Sunday morning from 6:10 a.m. to 6:20 a.m. on Capital Region Sunday, our public affairs show on 107.7 WGNA. I’l be talking with the Executive Director of the Regional Food Bank, Mark Quandt. He’ll have more information about the Regional Food Bank.