The holiday season is well upon us my friends. But do you get caught up in all the hype and forget why we do all this shopping and giving this time of year? Don't forget the real "reason for the season". You hear that alot these days. Its just too easy to get caught up in Santa Claus, and Christmas Trees, decorating the house and catching all the Christmas cartoons on TV. If you dont take a moment to reflect on the one person we all do this for, the one who taught us all that giving is more important than recieving... then you should be ashamed.
Of course, I'm talking about Oprah.
Where would we be without her? As you may know this is her final season doing the Oprah Show. You may be as concerned as I am that after this year, people may forget all that she has givin to the world. ( ... you get a car, and you get a car.. ) Where would we be in this time of gift giving if we dint watch her famous "my favorite things" episode? I know that i would not have known about the lasagna pan that makes all corner pieces! Where would we be (as a audience member pointed out on her Holocaust show) if she never brought the tragic events of World War 2, to our attention? And where would we be if she didnt single handedly pick and get our President elected. And I shutter to think what the world would have done if she didnt resurrect the career of one John Traaaaavoooolllta! Excactly ...something to think about. Take a moment to reflect my friends. And remember she has done all this while taking nothing in return. St. Nicholas... HA! St. Oprah is more the case.
I will be working soon on a petition to get some recognition for this fine humanatarian, perhaps a statue, or a federal building. (..and you get a post office, and you get a post office... but until that time when your done unwrapping those gifts and eating that special dinner take a moment and remember who makes it all possible. God Bless you Oprah Winfrey! And God Bless us all, everyone.

Afterthought:  I do hope that everyone who reads this blog understands the jest in which it was meant.  The author indeed does know the REAL reason for the season and in no way is mocking Jesus or religeion.  The author is not an Oprah hater , but does find the " Glory and Praise" that is often showered upon her to be a bit much. :)

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