Some say winter is the most unbearable season. I disagree and think you'll side with me on this one.

Yes, I said it. Winter is not our worst season. It's fall. By a longshot. And you know what they say: a picture says a thousand words, or in the case of the photo above 100,000 leaves.

Don't get me wrong, I love autumn. Right up until Columbus Day. That is when my yard starts getting invaded from above. The full fledged attack started this weekend.  So instead of drinking pumpkin coffee and beer, eating cider donuts and watching football to my hearts desire Sunday, I spent the day filling 17 lawn bags with leaves. And the majority of our trees haven't even dropped their leaves yet! Now that the war on my yard has started, I will get to spend all my free time for the next 5 weekends or so with these miserable leaves. Yes, the ones that are so pretty and inspiring when in their original home. Now they are moving south for the winter, and I get to clean them up.

Say what you want about winter, but as cruel as Old Man Winter is he never makes me spend a full day every week putting snow into bags and leaving them at my curb for pick up. An hour of snow blowing and shoveling and I am back inside enjoying gingerbread coffee and beer (Yes, I drink lots of flavored coffee and beer regardless of the season. That's just how I roll). Let's face it, Old Man Winter can be unkind, but he has much more respect for my schedule and free time.

Thanksgiving this year will be me giving thanks I do not have to rake anymore. Bring on the snow, and bring on winter so I can have my Sunday's back!



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