No, I'm not going to do a song parody.  This is serious stuff! Don't you HATE when you lose power? It happened in Albany yesterday. 

According to the there was a problem with something underground on Madison Avenue in the 600 block (there's your scientific explanation).

It's not bad enough that people had no power for air conditioners in this oppressive heat, but it also affected a lot of the traffic lights as well. Dangerous to say the least.

Over 2,000 customers were affected as of last nite (Tuesday), and as of this writing there are people still without power.

It goes without saying that I hope this is fixed very soon for folks, especially the elderly.

British Gas Controversially Increases Its Energy Prices
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It brings to mind a time back in the late 80's when the power went out while we were living in a neighborhood behind Stuyvesant Plaza in Albany.  We had no power for a WEEK.  What made it kind of ironic is that the office buildings in the plaza had "juice" the whole time - so we would sit there in our living room and open the curtains in order for some illumination would bleed into our house.  Horrible!

Let's hope things get straightened out so I can delete this blog for being dated..

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