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The Mummy, A Lights Camera Jackson Review [VIDEO]
Whenever there's a big movie opening, we only turn to one person, Lights Camera Jackson. This week, he saw The Mummy and Megan Leavey, he gave us an interesting fact about Wonder Woman and quickly talks the Tony Awards.
Lights Camera Jackson: Behind the Screens 5/5
One of the most talked about movies of the spring is coming out this weekend, Robin Williams' last movie is finally released in the United States & actors are apparently dominating the Tony Awards this year. Lights Camera Jackson has all of that in his report this week.
Season 3 Official Trailer
I can't wait for the new season to come out on Netflix on February 27th, I may have to be sick that day just so I can have a 'House of Cards' Marathon. Here is a preview of what Frank and Claire Underwood are up to this season.
Levack’s 5 Must Own Movies
Tomorrow I will be at FYE in Johnstown from 2 to 4 click here for details. Well that got me thinking of what movies I needed to add to my collection. Thing is every time I do that I start watching my favorites and the next thing you know I'm eating popcorn and watching movies all day. Here&apos…