Well thanks to the popularity of my first edition of "Most annoying people at work" I am happy to say the series will continue. If you missed last weeks video it was "The guy too busy doing nothing". While I thoroughly enjoyed starring in that video this week I picked one of my very funny co-workers,  Armen Williams from  - ESPN Radio 104.5 The Team  be the star. You may also enjoy the reoccurring character of "man reading the paper in the break room" played brilliantly by Donny Michaels from Pop Crush 105.7.

I really do enjoy coming up with these and putting them together quickly with my friends , I hope you enjoy them too. If you have an annoying co-worker "type" that you would like me to feature please feel free to comment with your suggestions.

I also think it's kind of fun to try to figure out what annoying person it is as the video unfolds. let's see if you can figure out who this guy is, and if you work with someone with the same annoying trait:

"The most annoying people at work" - episode 2: