After nobody won the Mega Millions lottery drawing on Tuesday, the Jackpot rose once again. It was originally estimated at $476 Million, but that estimate has risen even higher to $500 million. This Jackpot is a Mega Millions record, never before has it reached this amount. The previous record was $390 million, back in 2007.

I am one of those people, for whatever reason, don't buy lottery tickets until I see huge jackpots. I don't know why I do this.  I mean winning $500 million would be awesome but I also wouldn't have to work for the rest of my life if I won say, $10 million or even $1 million.

None the less, If I do win this Jackpot ol' Scottie B has some definite plans! It would take a few years but I would love to hit every single Stadium and arena in the country and watch every one of the Big 4 (NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL)  teams in the country. As a HUGE sports fan this would be a dream come true. Hitting every NASCAR track would have to be a definite must as well. I have talked about doing something like this with my father ever since I was a little kid and with this kind of cash, it could get done!  All it takes is a dollar and a dream and I am dreaming BIG!!!!!

Yankee Stadium

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