I am not the one to ask, but apparently, the McRib is back and people are losing their minds. McDonald's across the country announced that they are bringing back the popular boneless pork sandwich. It is already available in many locations in New York.I have to admit, I have never had a McRib sandwich. Most people I spoke with either said that they are so happy or they say to not waste their time. Either way, you will be seeing the McRib on the menu at McDonald's across the country. What do you think? Have I been missing out?

Be warned, you can't find the McRib at all locations. For the most part, it's based on demand. However, it doesn't mean that the McRib won't come to your local McDonald's. Right now, the sandwich is available mainly in Western New York. There is a gradual roll-out through early November so you can keep track of when it is available closer to us. There is an actual McRib locator map that you can access to check on when the McRib will come to us.

Keep checking back and if you are a fan, I hope the McRib magically appears at your McDonald's.

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