Only about 1-2% of people in the whole world have red hair, so when there's a gathering in the Capital Region and I'm a ginger - I have to go, right?

The League of Extraordinary Redheads was founded in January 2013 (I attended the first meeting) as just a way for like hair colored people could get together socially. It just ended up growing from there. Speaking as a natural strawberry blonde, there's just something that happens when you're in the room with a fellow redhead. It's like you both know that your haircolor could become extinct and you could at any point be the last of your kind so you band together.

Last night, the league got together for the yearly "Night of the Walking Red" in Troy, NY. What did we do at this yearly meeting? Well, I can't tell you the details unless you're a card-holding member, but what I can say is that we had a lot of fun. It was so strange to not be the minority haircolor at a bar and for people to make sunscreen jokes and everyone would laugh.

For future events, you can follow the League through their website or social media.

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