As much as I have loved sharing these clips with you over the past month I think that while this one is easily the best yet, it may also be the last. Dave Scriven, who has been having a great time putting them together is being asked to do some extra duties around the radio ranch and wont be able to put them together for us anymore.

I have always said though that if you are going to go out, do it on a high note and I think this "Unnecessary Censorship" fits the bill. It starts with Matty Jeff who was filling in for me a couple of days last week and then is chock full of bleeped lines of Bethany and I which make our show sound , well downright dirty.

Remember as always these bleeps are put over perfectly good , safe, wholesome words and what you hear in this clip is only that that your very own mind fills in. If your mind is anything like mine though, it will have a field day with this editing.



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