A couple of months ago I got an idea to try to give some people just a little boost, a smile, to let them know that people care. I believe that people care, I know I do. I think that we would all be kinder and more generous if we felt we had the ability to do so and if we knew there was truly a need.


I got a chance through the help of some great sponsors to make one of them happen in December and it felt really good! I loved the feedback I got on it and showed as I had stated when the idea was formed that witnessing an act of kindness makes a person feel as good if not better than if they were the giver or recipient.

If you missed it please take a moment to click and listen.

Now, I 'd like to start this up again in February and maybe even do it once a week for as long as I can but I'll need some people who need, "just a little somethin" to make their day. Now you have to remember I will get hundreds, maybe even  thousands of requests and I can really only help a few, but a few is better than none. Also, please keep in mind that these are "little" things, I will not be able to get you a car or a house or major renovations etc.

As we will begin again in February, maybe I could get you a new TV to watch the Superbowl, perhaps a date for that special person in your life for Valentine's Day? Maybe your stove broke or the kids still need winter clothes. I don't know but if you don't ask I can assure you I can't help you. So please let me know and if we can call you on the air and make your day, we can make the day of everyone who hears it as well!

We ALL get something out of it! I love it.

So let me know if there is something that you or someone you know needs that is not too crazy but you know it would make a world of difference. I know most of the requests I have had so far many people said just asking out loud helped them to feel better. Hope and Love are the most valuable things we all have in our lives.

Just e mail "The Kindness Project" at smcmaster@wgna.com.

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