Just picture it -- it's a beautiful day; you gather your friends or family up; pack a lunch; and head to the beach.  However, since it's a public beach/place, there are many others also sharing your same plan for the day.  Unfortunately, some of these people, do not take the gym as seriously as you do or their self dignity.

Now again, this is a public beach -- not a private pool in someone's backyard.  I believe that since there are so many people around at a public beach, one should take into account that there will be a lot of people there, other genders and children, and they should show some discretion when deciding to lay out with minimal clothing.

survey was done by a gym chain out in Los Angeles (LA Fitness).  2,000 people participated in the survey and 60% agreed that the most unflattering sight of the summer was an overweight man wearing tight bathing trunks (ie: a speedo).  Here are the rest of the biggest turn-offs at the beach:

#2 - A shirtless man, with a huge belly

#3- Man boobs

#4- Excessive body hair (Do you remember Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire when he was being created into a woman?  That is one hairy man!)