Will this subject EVER go away?  They've been fighting it for years. Sebastian's "Juice Bar" in Latham.  You know-the pink house! They want to take it down for good this time-

I have to give WGNA's Brother Lou Roberts credit on this one.  Our man on the scene uncovered this story first (sorry-bad choice of words).  Yes Louie, I read your blogs every day.

This became a very HOT subject this morning (pun number two.  I can't stop myself).  Alot of raw, naked emotions came out..(ok, now we've gone too far)  I think the audio explains it pretty well.

Sebastians Niteclub

   Are you going to miss the "Pink Hoooouse"?  Do you think the owner should have been allowed to keep it there?  If he fixed up the building and made it fit the surroundings, do you think he should be allowed to have an adult entertainment venue there?  Would love to develop this more (ENOUGH!!!) .  Leave your comments below!  Maybe we'll read them on the show!

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