It always surprises me when we see celebrities as real people. Eric Stonestreet of Modern Family had a reunion with Garth Brooks and we had no idea the connection they once had. Eric posted on Instagram over the weekend and it was magical. Apparently back in the mid 90's, Eric worked as one of Garth Brooks' security guards and he had the picture to prove it.

It must have been cool to say, first of all, that you worked security for Garth Brooks back in the day and then years later, I am sure it was cool for Garth to meet a huge sitcom star like Eric Stonestreet whom he employed years ago.

Stories like these get me thinking. What jobs have you had and then possibly come full circle later in life? I don't have this cool of a story, but my first radio job was on the East End of Long Island where I worked with someone doing play-by-play for high school football. Fast forward to today (25 years later) and he is my manager here at WGNA.

You never know. Have you had a full circle moment?

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