The new Capital Region Sonic Drive In will be built. It's not a question of if or even when anymore, but one question does remain: where? No specific plans have been made for a physical location, but it seems to be a sure thing that they are at least looking in our area to build. 

It’s been said for months now, Sonic Drive In is looking to expand to the Capital Region. According to the Albany Business Review it will be in 2015, but  where will they go?

Sonic Drive Ins are different than your typical restaurants.  You drive in, park in your own “drive up” spot  and place your order.  Then, a carhop personally delivers your order to your window!  WOW!  Fun!  You can eat there or take your food home!  Awesome!  I think Sonic Drive In would be so popular here in the Capital Region, but will one be enough?

With so many new construction projects and renovations going on in the Capital Region, where should it go?

The old Latham Circle Mall is being renovated. Maybe there is room there? Clifton Park is expanding the Clifton Park Center and is known for chain restaurants, maybe there? East Greenbush and/or Schenectady may be getting a new casino, could that be the perfect location.

Wherever it goes, I am convinced it will be busy non-stop!  And I can't wait so my friends stop having to take day trips just to get their "Sonic Fix!"

Where in the Capital Region do you think Sonic Drive In should be built?