The theatres are back after an off-week with some great choices. Also, since Lights Camera Jackson has the inside scoop, he'll give us a rundown of the Best Picture nominations for the Critics Choice Awards.

The first movie was the most buzzed about this weekend was "The Disaster Artist," where James Franco (who also directs the film) becomes filmmaker Tommy Wiseau. Wiseau is best known for his work on the film "The Room" and this film takes you through that part of Wiseau's life making "The Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made" which has since become a cult classic. The movie also stars Seth Rogan and Dave Franco.

Next was the movie "Just Getting Started" where an ex-FBI agent (Tommy Lee Jones) and an ex-lawyer in the Witness Protection Program (Morgan Freeman) have to join together to protect themselves from a dangerous mob hit.

Last, Jackson voted for the nominees in the Critics Choice Awards earlier this week and they've finally been announced. There are quite a large number of movies nominated but luckily Jackson runs through them all and tells us which are the best.

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