Sean and Richie are on vacation this week, which is really too bad, because this morning I went over a new list of fashion mistakes just for boys, according to a new study.

There is a common thread (see what I did there?) of ill fitting clothing being a problem, and Jess, Alex (the interns) and I all agree - too big or too small is a problem.

Here's the list -

1.  Wearing too many accessories . . . like hats, necklaces, rings, and bracelets.


2.  T-shirts with ironic or childish phrases.


3.  Mixing patterns.


4.  Dad jeans.


5.  Wearing a backpack in a professional setting.


6.  Suits that don't fit.


7.  Running shoes with jeans.


8.  Dress shirts that don't fit.

Do you think they left anything out?

I don't care for belt clips for phones or pagers or anything else!  Unless it's a tool belt, and then it's a fashion do! ;-)

Also, how did Jorts (jean shorts) not make the list???

Paul Smith Navy Cotton-Panama Blazer

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