Toss aside all those negative thoughts about troy for just one second and think about these places. Actually quite beautiful sights.

Now when you think about having a picnic you would generally tend to think about a park. Maybe Washington Park. A picnic there could be nice but there are times parking isn't the greatest and you don't really have a great view. Don't get me wrong I do believe Washington Park to be quite scenic. But the view of the area I am thinking about is way better.

I think beyond just having a nice picnic here it also would be a good place to just go and think. Maybe read a book. The place I believe to be the best place for a picnic in the Capital Region is on Frear Park View in Troy. Just as you make the turn off of Valley View Road you will see an opening in the trees revealing a view that is remarkable in my opinion. Just because you can see so far off in the distance.

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

I also think this is a good area for one because I doubt anyone ever has a picnic here to be honest. Do you think there is a better place for one in the Capital Region?

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