I love country music.  There are so many reasons to love not only the music itself, but the lifestyle and values that it represents.  I have always loved the accessibility to the fans that Country music artists have maintained.  I also love their modesty.  While having yet another awards show could increase the accessibility, I think it goes too much so against the modesty.

No artist is going to turn down an award, or shun an awards show, especially one that is driven by "fan voting".  But somewhere deep inside , I kinda think they want to.  Country music is not and  should not be flashy, or hyped, or Hollywood.  Its country roads, simplicity, and hard working values.  How long will it be before the common man starts to feel that all these "Celebrities" on these awards shows , are out of touch with what they are going through?  How long before this causes a "disconnect" between the artists and the fans they try so hard to stay connected to?

Everyone loves a party, and everyone loves to be acknowledged for their art and hard work. I am sure Country music artist are no exception. Yet,  I personally think that one more "awards" show in country music is at least one too many.