I don't have a consistent softball schedule during the week because of how crazy some weeks are here in the radio world but it is honestly one of my most favorite things to do since as long as I can remember.I've played ball since I was 6-years old; starting off as a righty batter, then switching to lefty confusing everyone, including my family (I'm all about throwing 'em for a loop.) I played straight through my first semester of college and picked the bat back up again about 6-7 years ago. If I'm stressed, I head to the batting cages. It's an amazing outlet and I'm so happy to have always had something like that that I love in my world.

Wednesday I joined in a game with my friend Pete's team after work. It was the first time I had even held that bright yellow ball since October and it was almost like there was no time in between. The only thing I kept thinking, as I stood at second base, knees bent blinded by the setting sun and ready for the first pitch to the opposing team, "You can't get hurt, your insurance doesn't kick in until June 1st." What an adult moment.

It lasted for about a good minute when I realized, you really can't live life like that. Lets be serious, if we worried every second of every day about something, would we really be living?! I mean, maybe, but not much and not as fulfilling as life should be. So, the next time you find yourself "adulting," I'm not going to say stop completely, but ask yourself if it's completely necessary in that moment or are you just ruining the fun for yourself. Have fun! Play ball!


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