If you were stuck in the flood, assisted in the clean-up or touched dirty flood waters, you should get a Tetanus shot.  With all the emergency situations we found ourselves in since Tropical Storm Irene, don't overlook the fact that most adults don't have updated tetanus protection and are at risk for exposure.

According to WTEN free Tetanus shots are being offered at the following locations.

The Greene County Department of Health is sponsoring free tetanus immunization clinics on Monday, September 12, 2011 in two locations. The clinics are for adults only, ages 18 or older who have not received a tetanus vaccine in the last 10 years.

1. FEMA Tent, Main Street, Prattsville on Monday, Sept. 12 from 11am-1:30pm, call 719-3600 with questions.

2. HD Lane Fire Company, State Route 214 Lanesville NY on Monday, Sept. 12 from 3-5pm, call 719-3600 with questions.

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