Did you know there use to be a motorboat race from Albany to New York City? Check out this vintage video of the 1949 Albany to New York Outboard Marathon.

If you are an avid boater or just an overall history buff, you will love this. In the 40s, 50s and 60s there used to be a boat race from Albany to New York City - 138 miles! Check out the footage:

First, I love the old school announcing in this. My favorite line from the announcer is when he calls the race the 'Indianapolis Speedway of Outboard Racing.'

Second, who knew this used to be a thing? That's why I love digging up old videos like this on YouTube. They are a great window into the past to learn new things.

And hey, while it might not be a boat race, at least we still have the Dutch Apple Cruises on the Hudson, right? More specifically, GNA Country music cruises like our Rock the Boat Party with Tyler Farr!

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