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Choose Human Rating Over Uber Rating
Something ridiculously unnerving was brought to my attention by a GNA listener who called into the morning show on Friday.  After spending over an hour discussing the potentially tragic news of the Albany man missing at Thacher Park since New Years Eve, I came to the conclusion that as an Uber drive…
Thacher Park Missing Man Found Alive
The missing 25-year-old Albany man last seen on New Years Eve who was believed to have been dropped off by an Uber at Thatcher Park has been located and found alive!  Here's what we know according to Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple.
My Sobering Thoughts Following Tragedy At Thacher Park
I don't know many facts about Dylan Dunney the young man from Guilderland who was drinking and fell after he crossed the barrier of the overlook at Thacher Park yesterday.  I do know this: he's 19, from Guilderland, was doing some underage drinking, trespassing, made a horrible choice and almost die…
Body Found On Indian Ladder Trail The Day It Reopens
The popular Indian Ladder trail at Thacher Park was available for use for the first time since last July - and in less than one day since the reopening - hikers discovered a dead body. A representative for the NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation say that park police and Forest …
Thacher Park Opens Brand New Attraction
One of my favorite places to visit over the summer is John Boyd Thacher Park. It's not too far away, it's a great view and when the weather is beautiful, nothing beats a walk through Indian Ladder. Now, they're adding something new to Thacher Park, a huge visitor center!