Some people thought I was a bit nutty getting a tattoo to show my ultra fandom of my favorite football team, The Pittsburgh Steelers. But i went the conservative route. I just got the team's logo, no more, no less. If you have never seen it, here ya go:

Photo by Scott Blaine

There is a gentleman in Midland, Texas by the name of Chris Brown who has taken his fandom a step further. Not only did he get the logo of his favorite team, The Houston Texans, tattooed on his arm, he also had the words Super Bowl XLVI Champions written on his skin. In case you aren't good at roman numerals, that is 46. In other words, this years Super Bowl number! A game that hasn't even happened yet! Check out the photos courtesy of the Houston Chronicle.

It's nice this guy has confidence in his team, but that's a bit much. I mean, the team has never been to a Super Bowl in it's short history, let alone even made the playoffs. He does realize this is permanant right?

So after seeing this, I have to ask the question, how far does your fandom of anything go? Would you get the logo of your favorite sports team tattooed on your body or maybe your favorite singer or something from your favorite movie?